Watch Colleen Green’s Psychedelic Video For ‘Maybe I’ll Get Hit By A Car Tonight’

Colleen Green’s 2016 Infinity Cat Cassette Series tape came back last September with a bit of a facelift – for the first time, it was reissued on vinyl and included both re-recorded versions of the original cassette as well as never-before-released B-sides. That EP was widely-praised, with publications like Billboard describing her sound and songs as “Ramones-esque sun-punk mixes.” Green has released a new near-hallucinatory video for the track “Maybe I’ll Get Hit By A Car Tonight” off the tape, and it’s perky and tantalizing at the same time.

In the video, Green rocks a pixie cut and sways rhythmically in front of a green screen. She has an undeniable cool exterior – she wears a pair of sunglasses on that stay unmoving. The backdrop flashes various kinds of LA transportation and psychedelic, highly-saturated karaoke-bar-like animations (by director Whitney Weir) as she makes slightly jarring but fully relatable statements in her lyrics like, “Maybe I’ll get run down by a bus tonight / And then you’ll really love me.” Yes, it may be dramatic, but desire on that level finds us everything but level-headed, and Green pins that feeling down flawlessly. The video ends just as quickly as it began, clocking in at exactly two minutes.

Watch the video for “Maybe I’ll Get Hit By a Car Tonight” above.