Courtney Love Covered Jay-Z’s ’99 Problems’ At Sundance

01.29.13 5 Comments

For some reason unknown to seemingly everyone, Courtney Love was at Sundance this year. She wasn’t promoting a film or anything, so who who knows why she was there. But she was there, making news for saying that Gavin Rossdale is the brains behind Gwen Stefani’s career, etc. She also performed there, apparently, and when she did she covered Jay Z’s 99 Problems.

“It’s so genius, it either sucks or it’s genius,” Love said prior to launching into the song.

After giving it a listen, I’m gonna go out a limb and say that it lands safely on the “sucks” side. I was kinda into it for the first minute or so but then I suddenly couldn’t listen to it any more.

The irony in this is that Courtney Love would probably sue Jay-Z if he were to cover one of her songs. So there’s that.

(Pic via Shutterstock)

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