DaBaby Is Being Sued For Damages After His Security Team Reportedly Left A Man in A Coma

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DaBaby has a bit of a mean streak. The Charlotte rapper grabbed headlines in late May after he posted a video of himself getting into a physical altercation with fellow North Carolina rapper Cam Coldheart, leaving his foe in a bloodied heap on the floor of a mall. A lesser reported, but more gruesome, story from the same month was another incident involving DaBaby.

Just a week earlier, the 27-year-old performed a gig at Centro Nightclub in Lawrence, Massachusetts. According to local reports from that night, prior to the show’s start, the opening act — Massachusetts rapper Don Trag — approached DaBaby for a photo. After being rebuffed, Trag reportedly got into a violent altercation with DaBaby’s security team which resulted in him being sent to the hospital.

Now, it appears Trag is taking legal action DaBaby and those involved in the beating. According to TMZ, the 26-year-old is suing the “Suge” rapper for damages. As can be seen in a cellphone video acquired by TMZ from the night of the incident, Trag was put in a headlock by a member of DaBaby’s security team while several other men unloaded punches on him. After initially being sent to the hospital to be treated for injuries suffered to his head and neck, Trag signed himself out of the hospital the same night. However, after returning home to Stoughton, Massachusetts, the rapper’s mother claimed he collapsed just hours later and had to be rushed to a hospital in Boston. “Every time he stands, he falls down, so they’re doing CTs and cat scans,” she told CBS Boston at the time.

Trag’s legal team is estimating that severe head and neck injuries that the 26-year-old suffered on that night will yield more than $100,000 in medical cost and other expenses. In the lawsuit, Trag faults DaBaby for not properly training his team which caused them to overreact to the situation. He also feels the rapper is responsible because he allegedly stood by and watched the violent attack and did not attempt to intervene.