Daniel Tosh Expertly Trolls Selena Gomez By Recreating Her ‘Good For You’ Video

Comedians must be crafty to stay ahead of the curve. Whereas pop stars often drop hints, teasers, and other flotsam before a major release, comics tend to practice their routines under the cloak of extreme privacy. Or they’ll rehearse jokes in front of a sparse audience at hole-in-the-wall clubs. Daniel Tosh may have done both while rehearsing his newest routine.

Without a hint of foreshadowing, Tosh dropped an unannounced video release, in which he commits a shot-by-shot abomination of Selena Gomez‘s “Good For You” video. With the help of a “$pecial guest,” he puts his own spin upon Selena’s sultry new image. Tosh certainly has no problem letting his inner freak fly. He almost does too much of a good job while writhing in several settings, clad in the same skimpy robe and wet t-shirt.

One could take a moment to analyze Tosh’s motives here. Perhaps he’s feeding into the discomfort some people feel in watching a Disney star transform into an adult. Or maybe Tosh simply had nothing better to do with his time and resources but troll a pop star. He did tweet a feisty explanation for his actions: “why? because i know every word to the @selenagomez song ‘good for you’ and i have lots of money.”

Good for you, Tosh. Also, here’s the original Selena Gomez video for comparison’s sake.

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