Jonah Hill Gives Danny Brown A Perfectly Twisted Visual For His ‘Ain’t It Funny’ Video

Jonah Hill is best known as an Oscar-nominated actor and all around funny man, but apparently when the time is right he can get behind the camera and create some real wild and sinister stuff because when Danny Brown tabbed him to direct his “Ain’t It Funny” video, he gave him some madness. The surreal, 80s television-inspired clip fits the frenetic track to a tee, and the bloody twist only makes things even more insane.

The elusive Danny has been mostly quiet since releasing Atrocity Exhibition back in September, but he recently popped back up as the rapper who got Dave Chappelle so stoned before a Detroit show that he bombed the entire show. That little tidbit makes his timing perfect, and with the little lull between Drake and Kendrick Lamar’s albums he serves as the perfect kind of contrast for rap fans. Following in the footsteps of other acts like Chance The Rapper, Danny took to Facebook live to premiere the video to the world.

While directing might be a new trick for Jonah, forays into hip-hop are hardly new territory for the 33-year-old. He recently scrapped his monologue while hosting Saturday Night Live to perform “Jumpman” with Future because why the hell not.