David Letterman Really Enjoyed TV On The Radio’s ‘Late Show’ Performance Last Night

Here’s a fun game: compare and contrast David Letterman’s reaction to MGMT last week against his reception for TV on the Radio last night. In the former, he’s grumpy and confused; in the latter, however, he’s positively, well, positive. And ecstatic, not just for the drummer, as is his wont, but the entire (great) band. In his own words:

[To Dave Sitek] Nice going! Wow! How bout that! Yes! TV on the Radio! [To drummer Jaleel Bunton] How bout that kid, right there! What do you think!?!? Oh my god! How bout this guy?!?! Fantastic! [To Tunde Adebimpe] Thank you so very much! Great pleasure to see you! “Mercy,” thanks for watching! (Via)

If Letterman ever listens to the entirety of Return to Cookie Mountain, his head might explode.