Deadmau5 Is Selling His Nyan Cat Ferrari For $380,000 On Craigslist

It’s the end of a very brief era for Deadmau5. The world famous DJ and producer – better known to his parents and friends as Joel Zimmerman – is selling his prized 2013 Ferrari 458 Spider (F1) for $380,000 on Craigslist, but this isn’t just any really expensive Ferrari. This is his custom “Purrari,” which earned that name for the ridiculous Nyan Cat wrap job that he talked about on Twitter and Instagram for months until he finally unveiled the finished product to his followers back on March 31. But now, only a week after this car earned the “Spirit of Gumball” honor at the Gumball 3000 rally that took him from Miami to Abiza behind the wheel of his pride and joy, Deadmau5 is apparently over it. What a shame.

The good news is that there’s kind of a good cause involved, as long as you’re willing to pay more than the $380,000 he’s asking. The even better news that doesn’t cost extra money is that this car comes loaded with the most important accessory imaginable.

Selling the majestic Purrari… asking 380k OBO … anything over 380 goes to charity, so get those bids in! (Toronto Humane Society) …. comes with Ipod full of nyancat songs. AND we will personally invite the buyer to Toronto to come and film a “farewell purrari” coffee run with me. :D (so basicly it comes with a free tim hortons coffee that youll have to pay for anyway)

we will ship this thing anywhere in north america. um… also… car stuff… it has like 6500 miles on it… purrs like a nyancat. and can be fully factory restored (wrap removed) if you’re a pussy. (Via Craigslist)

Here’s a better look at the car from the Gumball 3000 rally:

In addition to that Gumball 3000 run, the Purrari was previously featured in Deadmau5’s “Coffee Run” series on YouTube. When the car’s wrap job was finally completed, Deadmau5 reached out to Toronto’s crack-smoking mayor Rob Ford to be a guest on the series and it looked like it was going to happen. That plan fell apart, though, when Ford decided to hit the pipe again, as Deadmau5 explained to Tom Green while calling the mayor “Tom Ford.”

But he was able to get Tommy Lee in the passenger seat in what instantly became my favorite, most amazingly BROtastic video of 2013. Seriously, I would have watched 45 minutes of Lee making car noises and trying to remember things.