Destroyer’s ‘Stay Lost’ Video Features A Carpenter Building A House Nobody Should Live In

01.10.18 11 months ago

Destroyer’s Ken was one of 2017’s more interesting albums, and now Dan Bejar is bringing the idiosyncratic record into 2018 with a new video for the synthy and new wave-inspired “Stay Lost.” The clip, which Bejar describes as “a user’s guide to the world,” features a skilled but bizarre carpenter building a house that structurally and functionally doesn’t seem to make a whole lot of sense.

The video was directed by Maxwell McCabe-Lokos, and he describes the clip as a tribute to those who are confidently able to find their own way:

“The video tries to capture the song’s wit and ability to portray someone’s preoccupation, their metaphysical condition, with so few words. ‘Stay Lost’ — an endorsement for those who don’t fit, for those who will build their own totems, and revel in their ability to do it.”

Bejar has a history with getting weird with his videos: His clip for “Tinseltown Swimming In Blood,” for example, is a direct tribute to the 1962 French sci-fi film La Jetée.

Watch the video for “Stay Lost” above, and revisit the Celebration Rock podcast episode with guest Bejar here. Today also marks the start of Destroyer’s North American tour, so find those dates here.

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