Diddy Celebrated His 49th Birthday By Skydiving And Throwing A Party So Wild It Got Shut Down

You only turn 49 once, so why not make the most of it? Then again, if you’re Diddy, you don’t really need a reason to throw a star-studded party like TMZ is reporting. This is a man who is legendary – or perhaps the better word is infamous – for his parties commemorating all occasions. Yesterday was no different. The mogul, music artist, actor and semi-pro name changer started his day by pulling a Will Smith and deciding to do one of the few things he’s never done – skydive. He dropped a video yesterday before the dive, noting that he had to come around to the idea of skydiving this year. He wanted to do it in Dubai, but settled on one of America’s great venues for celebrity-laden festivities and excess – the Playboy Mansion.

The video he posted to Instagram (shown at the top) shows that the dive went smooth. But the celebration afterward? Not so much. Diddy had a birthday party at his LA mansion with over 200 people, including an A-list guest list like LeBron James, Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa, Usher, Anthony Anderson and more. The party must have been a great time because according to TMZ, multiple noise complaints were made to the local police who came through to let security know. The scene harkens to Diddy’s classic “Bad Boys For Life” video, where Ben Stiller came over to check him on putting a golf ball through his window. But this time the neighborhood strife was for real, and his birthday party was cut short. He may want to check in with the neighbors ahead of next year’s 50th birthday, because he’s probably going to do it even bigger.