Diddy Wants Nick Cannon At Revolt TV Despite The Accusations Of Anti-Semitism Against Him

The accusations of antisemitism against Nick Cannon haven’t deterred Diddy from offering the disgraced radio and television host a job at Revolt TV. After being excommunicated from Viacom over recent comments he made during an interview with controversial old-school rapper Professor Griff, Nick Cannon may receive a second chance from the Bad Boy Records founder, who invited Cannon to “come home” to Revolt TV on Instagram. “Nick come home to Revolt TV, which is truly BLACK OWNED!” he enthused. “We got your back and love you and what you have done for the culture.”


Diddy explained his rationale in the caption, reasoning, “The only way we can change the narrative, educate, and uplift each other is if we do it together.” He also noted that he didn’t believe in writing off Black entertainers who ran afoul of the powers-that-be. “Nick, my brother, I am here to support you fully in any way you need,” he wrote. “What we are not going to do is turn our backs on our brothers and sisters when they challenge the system.⁣”

Cannon’s deal with Viacom was canceled when his Cannon’s Class podcast episode featuring Professor Griff — who was himself expelled from pioneer hip-hop group Public Enemy over his views — spun off into a discussion of antisemitic conspiracy theories. Although Cannon tried to clarify his statements afterward, the damage was already done, with ViacomCBS — parent company to MTV and CBS, where the majority of Cannon’s mainstream work could be found — cutting ties within less than a day.

Meanwhile, Revolt TV received some backlash in June for putting Russell Simmons, accused of rape by several women, on a recent episode of the Drink Champs podcast. Diddy also has a noted penchant for offering help to controversial friends in need. In 2018, he signed Joe Budden as a partner, despite previous accusations of domestic abuse against Budden. The same month the deal was announced, Revolt TV laid off a third of its staff.