DJ Khaled Will Reveal His Most Major Keys To Success In An Upcoming Book

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DJ Khaled‘s “major keys” have seemingly brought the 40-year-old producer more success than any hit song possibly could have. Becoming a SnapChat sensation rivaling even the likes of one Ms. Kylie Jenner, the “For Free” artist became an illustrious fixture in pop culture and had his career propelled to the next level. Offering such profound pearls of wisdom from rinsing your mouth out with Listerine in achieving success to using cocoa butter to do the same, Khaled evidently found his niche.

Riding the wave of his newfound social media fame, DJ Khaled seized every opportunity from going on tour with Queen Bey herself, helping MC the VMAs, starring in numerous major commercials and even earning his first No. 1 album aptly titled Major Keys.

As what seems to be the natural progression for any celebrity hitting a stride in mainstream virality, DJ Khaled is now set to write his first book entitled, you guessed it, The Keys. According to a press release, The Keys will, of course, include tips to achieve success as well as personal anecdotes and what will be deemed “mogul talk” from fellow celebs such as Puff Daddy, Jay Z to L.A. Reid and Lyor Cohen amongst others.

Scheduled to be released in just under two months on Nov. 22, Khaled said of the book on Instagram, “THEY tried to hide the keys from me when I was coming up. Now I’ve mastered the keys and I want to let everybody know that these are keys from my perspective…This book will help you follow your vision as long as you have passion, dedication, blood, sweat and tears, and especially ignore when THEY try to bring you down. Major Key, I wish I had this book when I was coming up. This my passion pain success, blessing and more wins! We the best!”

Though it’s unclear how much longer DJ Khaled’s “major keys” will continue to delight fans they way they still do today, it is clear that he’s going to milk it until no one is left laughing anymore or perhaps when a new IOS update changes the key emoji.

The Keys is being published through Crown Publishing Group and can be purchased for pre-order from Barnes & Noble today!