DJ Manipulator’s Beat-Twisting ‘2 Drums’ Doesn’t Slow Conway The Machine’s Effortless Rhymes

Longtime readers of this site know Conway The Machine is straight gutter. His gritty brand of gangster rap is self-described as “rap for cats who still carry a razor blade under the tongue,” so it’s always dope when new music comes through our inbox. His latest track, “2 Drums,” is the first single from Massachusetts producer DJ Manipulator’s forthcoming debut LP, Stranger Than Paradise, due for release in early 2017 via Backcourt Records.

Conway goes hard over banging production which switches up halfway through, but isn’t thrown off one bit as he continues slinging hard, straightforward rhymes. As he says during the track’s intro, “This sh*t is effortless, man. It’s fun, actually.” It’s hard to argue, as the New York MC takes us back to the days when Wu-Tang Clan and Boot Camp Click ruled the streets.

“I’m the n**** that you gotta watch how you speak to
Break n****s’ jaws, through a straw he gotta eat soup
Jail n****s know the boy hard like Sheek Louch
This rap sh*t is a race to the top
You could be winning, but you made too many different mistakes
But listen, I ain’t tripping, I tie my tennis shoelace
I barely listen to n****s bullshit that they make
Most of these n****s is fake
Man, this shit is disgrace
These rap n****s tattooing dumb shit on they face”