Donald Glover Wants ‘Atlanta’ To Be A ‘Twin Peaks’ For Rappers

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With less than two weeks to go before its Sept. 6 premiere, Donald Glover’s new FX series Atlanta is already turning heads — and for the better. The former Community star and rapper also known as Childish Gambino told Vulture he wanted to demonstrate to white people how, and why, they “don’t know everything about Black culture.” Combined with numerous trailers featuring family and surreal imagery, these assorted tidbits of information have proven provocative, yet enticing. Especially now that Glover has admitted to an unlikely source of comparison, if not inspiration.

The Atlanta creator and star told Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon the series wasn’t autobiographical, despite his having grown up in the titular Georgia city. He did, however, bring up David Lynch’s Twin Peaks:

“I just wanted to tell weird stories there. The thesis was like ‘Oh, I want to make Twin Peaks but for rappers…’ There are, like, so many Atlanta people. Everybody in Atlanta has a philosophy. It’s a lot like New York, where you meet people and they’re just going to give you their philosophy.”

Despite Fallon and the audience’s initial awkward silence and laughter, the talk-show host — who earlier admitted he’d seen the first two episodes — agreed with Glover’s assessment. “Yeah, okay. I see that,” Fallon added. “It is trippy, but it’s great. The music’s good, and the actors are great.”

Aside from promoting Atlanta, Glover also talked about his love of hiking and Joshua Tree National Park. He also told a story about getting bit by a dog, which you can watch below.

(Via Splitsider)