The Rolling Stones Join Adele, R.E.M., And Other Artists That Don’t Want Donald Trump Using Their Music

rolling stones
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Looks like Donald Trump really needs to learn to stop using music without permission. The Republican presidential frontrunner is now being called out for using music from the Rolling Stones.

The playlist (which Trump made himself) includes three of the band’s hits: “You Can’t Always Get What You Want,” “Sympathy for the Devil” (which is also the third best “conservative rock song,” according to the National Review), and “Brown Sugar.” Unsurprisingly, the Rolling Stones aren’t cool with having this guy walking out to their music.

“The band was not asked for permission to use the songs,” Stones spokeswoman Fran Curtis told The Daily Beast.

Various members of the group have spoken out with their dislike of the Republican party. Back in 2015 guitarist Keith Richards told Billboard: “Can you imagine President Trump? The worst nightmare. But we can’t say that. Because it could happen. This is one of the wonders of this country. Who would’ve thought Ronald Reagan could be president?”

And in 2012 frontman Mick Jagger called out Mitt Romney during a Saturday Night Live performance.

Come on, Trump. If you haven’t learned from Adele, Aerosmith, Neil Young, Elton John, and R.E.M., maybe now you’ll stop using music without the artist’s permission.

(Via The Daily Beast)