Drake, A True ‘Harry Potter’ Stan, Really Wants A $160,000 First-Edition Copy Of ‘The Sorcerer’s Stone’

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It sounds like Drake has new music on the way, but he might actually more interested in another artistic endeavor at the moment: Drake’s a huge Harry Potter fan, and he said recently that he just might buy himself a $160,000 first-edition copy of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter And The Sorcerer’s Stone.

In a new profile from The Hollywood Reporter, Drake declares that he’s read all the book and seems to convince himself that the pricey Potter book would make a great gift for himself:

“For the past four years, he has been chasing a first edition of Harry Potter And The Sorcerer’s Stone, and it’s finally on the market for $160,000. ‘Yeah, I read them all,’ he says of J.K. Rowling’s series, two tiny diamonds glinting from his front teeth as he breaks into a wide smile. I tell him I’m reading the series to my kids, and he immediately peppers me with questions, ‘What book are you on?’ Goblet Of Fire, I respond. ‘What part?’ Then, as if to talk himself into the purchase, he says: ‘I should get it. My birthday’s coming up. Maybe I’ll buy it for myself as a treat.'”

Drake’s birthday has come and gone (with an opulent “re-bar mitzvah” party and all), and there’s no word yet on whether he splurged on the book or not. That said, let us never forget the time in 2014 that Drake posted a picture of himself photoshopped into the Potter-verse as Draco Malfoy:

This story also delivers updated news about Drake’s relationship with the British drama Top Boy: It’s now official that a Netflix revival of the series, with Drake executive producing along with Adel “Future” Nur and SpringHill Entertainment, is going into production and is set to debut in 2019. Drake says he was drawn to the series from the moment he first watched it on YouTube a few years ago:

“And that human element drew me in. I started just looking them up. Like, who are these people? Are these actors I should know? Are they just famous over there? I remember I hit Future, and I was just like, ‘This show is incredible.'”

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