Watch Dilly Dally Cover Drake’s ‘Know Yourself’ At CMJ

“Hotline Bling” is having a bit of a moment right now. The video is everywhere, Twitter is doing what it does when Drake releases anything, millions of people are learning about James Turrell and bands like Disclosure (and goddesses like Erykah Badu) are dropping covers left and right. But Dilly Dally, the excellent Toronto punk band that just dropped their debut Sore, would like to remind us that their fellow 6 resident has other songs. The group pulled off a raging cover of “Know Yourself” during their CMJ set on Saturday.

Katie Monks does the immortal “woes” drop justice in the only way she can, by turning it into a wild howl.

For more Drake, check out how his moves in “Bling” are steadily becoming the “Guile’s Theme” of dancing. After that, head here to decide if it’s weird to get a tattoo for another rapper’s crew. For more Dilly Dally, stream Sore over at Spotify. Come back and thank me later.

(Via Stereogum)