A Ton Of New Drake Songs Leaked Over The Holiday, Proving He’s Been Hard At Work All This Time

Getty Image

2018 is only two days old and already new Drake music is on the way. The Boy “premiered” a new song, apparently featuring rising star Trippie Redd, in a nightclub on New Year’s Day, and a clip is currently circulating social media previewing a few bars of the new single. Check out the clip below.

Apparently, the DJ at whatever party the clip was taken from deigned to provide snippets of two other Drake tracks, which can be heard in the clip below, both taken by the same user, who seems pretty excited about the prospect of new Drake music for the New Year.

These new tracks come on the heels of “Pistols,” a Latin-accented leak of an incomplete song that Drake is apparently working on that landed on Christmas Day.

While none of the new snippets seem to grant many fans’ wishes for “Rapping Drake‘s” return, they are an intriguing peek into what he’s been working on — or not. He’s been known to drastically change direction ahead of new album releases in the past, so a relapse into the super lyrical persona he recently displayed on Lil Wayne’s “Family Feud” freestyle could still be possible. Even if he continues to hover between singing and rapping, he’s still the best in the business, and clearly, he hasn’t let himself get out of practice.