This Hilarious Mashup Of Drake’s Lyrics And Degrassi Scenes Is What You Need Today

03.29.16 2 years ago

It’s well-known that Aubrey Drake Graham only started from the bottom if you consider a major part on a well-watched, much-loved Canadian teen drama “the bottom.” But many other Drake lines go incredibly well with the Views From The 6 rapper’s past in the hallowed halls of Degrassi Community School.

The space-y athlete Jimmy Brooks definitely knows what it’s like to forget what he’s doing like the chorus in “Over.” (Side note: I’m still confused as to how a person can forget what they’re doing when all they are doing is themselves. It wasn’t like he forgot what he walked into a room for. How do you forget to exist outside of a Rod Serling script?)

And Jimmy had a tendency to boss up on people like Drake did in the Meek Mill diss track “Back To Back.” Of course, Jimmy’s bully tendencies came back to bite him in perhaps the most-famous Degrassi episode of all time, “Time Stands Still.” The famous scene where Jimmy is shot in the back goes perfectly with the aptly named Take Care track “Shot For Me.”

Check out the video up top to find out all the ways that Drake’s still soundtracking Degrassi after all these years.

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