Drake’s Latest Kendrick Lamar Diss ‘Family Matters’ Showed Up Less Than A Day After ‘6:16’

Drake took a little more than 12 hours to respond to Kendrick Lamar’s latest diss track, “6:16.” “Family Matters,” which just went up a few minutes ago, finds Drake not only clapping back at K. Dot, but also roping in every other artist who’s mentioned him since Kendrick called him out on “Like That” with Future and Metro Boomin.

For the first time since the pair’s long-running Cold War escalated into open hostilities, Drake sounds mad here. Perhaps it was the mention of his parenting that set him off (“You mentioned my seed now deal with his dad,” he jabs to start the track) but this time, the gloves (heh) are off. Drake dispenses with whatever pleasantries may have been left, going all the way to the floor with his shots at Kendrick — or, more accurately, Kendrick’s rough relationship with his fiancée, Whitney Alford.

Among the outrageous assertions Drake includes in his latest dispatch are a suggestion that Kendrick was physically abusive to Alford (“When you put your hands on your girl is it self-defense, ’cause she’s bigger than you”) and that one of Kendrick’s children with Alford might be the result of infidelity with his PgLang partner Dave Free (“I heard that one them little kids might be Dave Free’s”).

He also undercuts Kendrick’s race-related jabs from “Euphoria” by accusing him of some hypocrisy (“Maybe I’m Prince and you actually Mike / Michael was prayin’ his features would change so people believe that he’s actually white”) and calling him a phony when it comes to his image as a revolutionary (“You just actin’ like an activist, it’s make-believe”).

You’d think with all that, he wouldn’t have enough time to lash out at the rest of his opponents, but he does, reserving bars for The Weeknd, who he calls a drug addict, ASAP Rocky, who he says should stick to modeling since fans aren’t really checking for his music, Rick Ross, for obvious reasons, and Future, who he feels was suckered into enabling this beef against his own interests.

You can listen to “Family Matters” above.