Drake Took His Sade Love To The Next Level By Getting Her Portrait Tattooed

A quick scan of his Instagram page reveals that Drake loves R&B singer Sade. If that wasn’t already clear however, Drizzy took his adoration to a whole new level getting her face tattooed on his side. Underneath the the image is written, “With Love Sade.” He’s got the “Tat on my ribs like I do not know what permanent is.”

That wasn’t the only ink he had applied. Apparently during his trip to Swedish tattoo artist Niki Norberg, Drake also had a More Life flower tatted to one of his shoulders.

And a bottle of Drakkar Noir to his other shoulder.

Many people were shocked to see Sade show up on Drake’s Instagram these last couple of days. The singer is notoriously reclusive and doesn’t pop up very often. In the first image he posted, he’s shown with his arm wrapped around her on one side and with his other arm draped around his mother on the other. In the caption he wrote, “Two very important ladies in my life.”


The second image is just of him and Sade alone. She has her eyes closed while leaning on him, and he has about the biggest smile on his face that we’ve ever seen.

What do you think of all of Drake’s new ink?