Drake’s List Of The Top 5 Rappers Includes Somebody Named Young Tony

If there’s one thing hip-hop fans love to do, it’s argue about who the greatest rappers of all time are. Everybody has their personal lists of who they believe comes out on top, and now Drake has shared his, and one inclusion might raise some eyebrows.

OVO Hush (real name Anthony Palman and also known as Young Tony) shared a photo of some of his old CDs on Instagram earlier today, and Drake took to the comments with his unprompted top 5, writing, “My top 5 is Biggie, Hov, Wayne, Young Tony, and 3000 since nobody asked.”



Given that Drake was commenting on Hush’s post, it’s completely possible he was joking about including him in the top 5 alongside The Notorious B.I.G., Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, and Andre 3000. It’s worth noting, though, that Hush has been a Drake associate for a long time, as Drake has mentioned him on Twitter as far back as 2010. He is also credited as a writer on the majority of songs from Take Care and Nothing Was The Same. Hush has also been referred to as a ghostwriter for Drake, but the OVO crew claims his role is more advisory in nature.

Meanwhile, Drake is fresh off the release of Dark Lane Demo Tapes, which didn’t manage a No. 1 debut thanks to a country music legend.