A Neil Young Song Featuring D.R.A.M. Is Just Around The Corner

D.R.A.M. defined his own goalposts for success on “Broccoli” and he’s definitely passed them. It’s fair to say that working with a rock legend is a step beyond “the fame and every game they made on Sega” and that’s exactly what he did when he hit the studio with Neil Young.

Much in the same way that he met Lil Yachty, Big Baby and the Harvest rocker came together with The Social Experiment at Rick Rubin’s famed Shangri-La Studios. And while it remains to be seen what came of it, inital reports from D.R.A.M. show that we should be on the look out for at least two tracks.

“I worked on one of his records, he worked on one of my records,” he told Brooklyn Magazine. “It was really, really cool, man. I mean, a guy from the old school, like, a real, Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Famer. Just embracing my take on music, my sound, and the fact that I’m able to collaborate with someone so legendary, from a whole nother side of the spectrum… it’s monumental. It’s one of those real defining moments, like, ‘you’re really out here.’”

Young called the collaboration “definitely a happening” and seemed to be on board with D.R.A.M.’s ultra-positive, sproingy take on rap and R&B.

“Sure is good, man,” he said in the clip from Is My Sh*t Tight?

The collaboration with D.R,A.M. is merely the latest sign of life from a suddenly revitalized Young. The 71-year-old rocker recently released a song supporting the protests at Standing Rock and later performed for protesters on his birthday.