DRAM Shows Off His Versatility With A Slick New EP, ‘That’s A Girl’s Name’

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Virginian rap crooner DRAM returned last night with the release of his new, three-song EP, That’s A Girl’s Name. Produced and co-written by Josh Abraham and Oligee, the EP’s title refers to DRAM’S real name, Shelley Massenburg-Smith, which means “that’s a girl’s name” is probably a phrase he heard quite a bit growing up.

That’s A Girl’s Name showcases DRAM’s versatility and witty sense of humor, jumping genres and foregrounding both his silver-tongued raps and gospel-inflected singing vocals. The short set starts with “Best Hugs,” a cheeky taunt toward a romantic rival in a yacht-rock, easy listening style that subdues the disrespect of the sneering lyrics.

“WWYD?” is a jazzy, R&B rumination on the pitfalls of fame and fortune that borrows both its theme and musical motif from Camp Lo’s “Luchini” and gives DRAM the opportunity to both flex and lament the age-old principle of “mo’ money, mo’ problems.” Finally, the EP ends with the flirtatiously funky hard-rocker, “Sundress,” where DRAM comes onto a young woman with “a wagon,” but doesn’t “want to cause emotional harm.”

That’s A Girl’s Name is DRAM’s first collection of new solo material since the re-release of his 2016 debut Big Baby DRAM and his holiday EP #1HappyHoliday. He’s also made appearances alongside the Gorillaz and Diplo. That’s A Girl’s Name is out now via Empire/Atlantic. Get it here.