Gorillaz Update Their Funky Future Pop Dance Anthem ‘Andromeda’ With 100% More DRAM

For anyone who thought that “Andromeda,” from Gorillaz‘ apocalyptic-future-pop album Humanz lacked enough of featured artist Big Baby DRAM, the cartoon band has re-released the funky track as “Andromeda (DRAM Special),” now with 100% more of the jovial, dreadlocked rapper-singer from Virginia, as well as some groovy new instrumental breakdowns.

The original version of “Andromeda” was on the list of Grammy nominations that released this week, revealing that the hyperactive, vibrant track will be competing for Best Dance Recording, while Humanz is one of the five options to win Best Alternative Music Album. The original “Andromeda” lives on the Humanz Super Deluxe Box Set released November 3rd, while the remix is being promoted as a single.

Humanz initially debuted April 28th backed by an augmented reality phone app and finished its release week at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 200. It featured the single release for “Strobelite,” which was accompanied by a music video starring guest rapper Vince Staples and CGI versions of the band’s virtual members dancing in a nightclub.

Meanwhile, DRAM himself released a deluxe version of his debut studio album, Big Baby DRAM, today. It features eight new songs with guest appearances from Trippie Redd, Playboi Carti, and Juicy J and ASAP Rocky on “Gilligan,” which serves as a bonus track on the now 22-track album.