Ed Sheeran And Justin Bieber Go On A Green Screen Trip In Their Playful ‘I Don’t Care’ Video

Until recently, it had been a short while since Justin Bieber and Ed Sheeran had released new music: Bieber’s latest album, Purpose, came out back in 2015, while Sheeran’s most recent, Divide, dropped in 2017. Lately, though, they’ve been mounting their comebacks in tandem: Last month, they both featured (along with almost everybody else in music) on Lil Dicky’s environmentalist-friendly new song “Earth,” and more recently, they shared a collaborative track, “I Don’t Care,” the first single of 2019 for both artists.

The two have been teasing a video for the song recently, and based on those previews, it seemed like there would be a lot going on in the clip, as indicated by imagery like Bieber dancing in front of a pyramid in cowboy garb, and Sheeran giving a cheerful wave while sitting in front of a green screen and wearing a panda suit. Now the video is out, and as expected, it’s full of fun moments that prove, as the song’s title suggests, that they really are carefree.

Lyrically, the song is about loneliness and anxiety, but in the video, the vibes are all positive and playful. It’s a video you’ll be forced to re-watch if you want to catch everything that’s going on: In just a 15-second stretch during the chorus, for example, Sheeran and Bieber find themselves either being or being surrounded by ice cream cones, polygonal computer landscapes, a cartoon plate of spaghetti, and Sheeran even gets his head (very poorly) superimposed onto a female model’s body.

There’s a lot to digest here (including that spaghetti), so watch the “I Don’t Care” video above.

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