Eminem’s Beard Might Just Be The Weirdest Development Of 2017


A few years ago, somebody made a Facebook page called “No one has ever seen Eminem with beard,” and while it’s not a particularly popular page (with just 69 likes), it gets at a very deep and real truth about hip-hop: Marshall Mathers is very rarely seen with as little as a stray hair on his chin. He may have the smoothest face in the game, so users of forums across the internet have long asked if Eminem can grow facial hair or why he doesn’t.

Now, at least the first question has been answered.

Last night, Eminem popped up at the premiere of The Defiant Ones, an upcoming HBO documentary series about the relationship between Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine, and in a photo of the three, Eminem clearly hasn’t shaved in at least a few days and is sporting more than what can be dismissed as 5-o’clock shadow. Rightfully so, fans are blown away be the revelation:

Another stan pointed out that perhaps we should have seen this coming, based on the lyrics of “Business”:


It’s not as though Slim Shady never wanted facial hair: In 2015, he tweeted about his “beard envy” of Jake Gyllenhaal. Still, the elusive Eminem beard truly is a rare thing: In 2014, one self-described “die hard fan” claims to have combed (hair pun genuinely not intended) through over 5,000 Eminem photos only to come across just a handful in which he’s displaying even a slight amount of facial hair:

Eminem has a beard now, and 2017 is a bizarre time to be alive.

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