Eminem’s World Record For Most Words In A Song Has Been Broken

I’ll bet you’ve always wondered who held the world record for the most words in a song. That kind of information is bound to show up on some trivia night in the near future, because the record is in the news.

Eminem was the previous record-holder after squeezing 1,560 words into his song “Rap God,” off MMLP2. But that mark was just broken by MC Harry Shotta, who topped Eminem by 211 words on his single “Animal,” reaching 1,771 words.

It wasn’t a competition as much as it was a challenge:

“The process is a long-winded one but we know the word count is more than Eminem and hopefully they’ll recognize that. …

“This is purely about pushing our art and having some fun.”

Though, if Eminem really wants to start something, he can note that Shotta took an extra 14 seconds to shoehorn those 211 words in. But who’s counting?

(Via Complex)