Enjoy The Mitt Romney ‘Binders Full Of Women’ Strip Club Anthem, Won’t You?

In a recent New York Times piece on strip clubs and strip club songs and how their value is measured, Jon Caramanica writes…

Magic City, Blue Flame, Cheetah, Diamonds of Atlanta, Follies: the way some cities are known for their restaurants or their museums or their turn-of-the-century architecture, Atlanta’s landmarks are strip clubs. In the way that people in Los Angeles or Miami might ask you if you’ve visited the beach, in Atlanta, you’re asked if you’ve seen any strippers. And in Atlanta more than in any other city, hip-hop culture overlaps heavily with this world. The strip club is where new music is tested out, where stars go to be seen or to relax, where the value of a song can be measured by the number of dollars that fly skyward when it plays.

If that’s the case, then the Romney Strip Club Anthem is sure to be a hit because I just pulled out my wallet, reached in and tossed everything in there (two tens, a five and three ones) straight to the sky, BITCH! Enjoy.

(HT: Bobby Big Wheel)