Even When He’s Tossing Someone From A Concert, Dave Grohl Is The Man

It’s an unwritten rule of the universe that if you put a bunch of dudes together in a room, eventually the conversation will turn to how awesome Dave Grohl is. Someone will say “Did you hear about the time Dave Grohl did xyz?”, pull out an iPhone, and play a YouTube clip of Dave Grohl doing something awesome like showing up at some random fan’s house to play a concert in that person’s garage or backyard, to which everyone will nod in unison while saying, “Holy sh*t Dave Grohl is awesome!” Now there’s another clip of Dave Grohl being awesome for dudes to choose from.

If you haven’t heard, iTunes is streaming live concerts daily, for free, from London throughout the month of July in an event dubbed, “iTunes Festival.” Grohl’s Foo Fighters played their show for the festival the other night, and some a-hole in the crowd began causing trouble, so Grohl stopped the show to have him tossed.

The best part of this is the censor person missing badly at just about every attempt to bleep out an expletive that came flying out of Grohl’s mouth — and there were many. Whatever, screw the FCC, it’s the Internet. DAVE GROHL IS THE MAN!

(HT: Reddit)