Everyone Comes Across As A Monster In Lady Gaga’s Hilarious ‘Queen Of The Universe’ Lawsuit

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Lady Gaga and her former-personal assistant, Jennifer O’Neill, have been sniping back and forth for months now, with the latter filing a lawsuit against the former for being owed over 7,000 hours of unpaid overtime. As if you weren’t already on O’Neill’s side, it gets worse for Mother Monster: the Daily Mail obtained court documents submitted by Gaga, including an “expletive-filled 200-page witness statement that explains in her own words why her entourage get perks instead of cash for extra hours worked.” And she calls herself the Queen of the Universe.

Yeah. Here are some choice excerpts.

Gaga: I remember clearly calling Jennifer at three in the morning, miserably ill one night and I needed her so bad to help me. We were in the middle of London and I was like “I’m hanging over the toilet vomiting, please help me, I’ve got a headache, I’m shaking,” and, yes, I woke her up in the middle of the night, because I can’t get anyone to come help me. I wouldn’t know how to call a doctor.

PA: I was by her side virtually 24 hours a day, seven days a week. That includes sleeping in the same bed with her because she did not sleep alone.

Gaga: I’m quite wonderful to everybody that works for me, and I am completely aghast to what a disgusting human being that you have become to sue me like this.

PA: She was very unhappy with her DVD collection. Which is another thing she would do in the middle of the night – wake me up to have me change the DVD in the DVD player because she didn’t want to watch that DVD any more and she couldn’t get up to walk across the room to change the DVD herself.

Gaga: She thinks she’s just like the Queen of the Universe. And, you know what? She didn’t want to be slave to one, because in my work and what I do, I’m the Queen of the Universe every day.

Gaga: You know, I did six shows a week and I make a lot of money. I work. I work 24 hours a day. I’m not [the one] standing next to [someone] holding tea, waiting for them to take a sip, that is not what I do. Not that people that do that don’t deserve their pay, but I’m just pointing out that I deserve everything that I’ve worked for. I deserve every dollar of it. And she deserves every one of her $75,000 that we agreed to. But she does not deserve a penny more.

Gaga: She would only open a couple of my bags [after getting back from a trip] , and it was very stressful for me because then again on my off days I couldn’t really have a day off because, you know, I weigh 115lb, and I was trying to move these huge big luggages all by myself in the room.

“I’m quite wonderful to everybody that works for me.” Gaga is the real-life Veronica from Better of Ted.

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