Fab 5 Freddy Explains Email To 1994 On YO! MTV Raps

This may be even better than that clip of Kurt Loder explaining the internet to 1995 that surfaced yesterday, if you can believe that. A few of my favorite lines…

“Email, for those who don’t know, is electronic mail that goes from computer to computer…Basically the way you get the email is you got to have a modem hooked up into your computer…now like I said you got to have your modem hooked up with the phone line connection so you can be able to talk to us…That’s the things about these computers and playin’ around with the Superhighway, once you get into it you get hooked into it…Let’s share this information electronically y’all. We’re gonna put some funk in cyberspace…Yo stay with it baby, it’s definitely the way of the future, y’all…Until next time, I’m out of here, like computers from the 60s, baby. Peace. It’s the 90s!”


(HT: Uncle Grambo)