Father John Misty Responds To His Album Leaking With A Hilarious Meme


Father John Misty is well-known for his philosophical reactions, like the time he gave his audience a talk about reality and what is truly important in this world before cutting a performance short, and following it up the next day with a series of lengthy Instagram posts where he waxed philosophical about the nature of entertainment, society, politics and the nightmare intersection of the three which was the 2016 presidential election. The breakdown was just another example of the way FJM aka Josh Tillman uses the internet, and he made appearances on and off it last year during the lead up to the release of his critically-adored album Pure Comedy.

This year though, it seems Tillman has learned a thing or two about how to handle the unexpected and the disappointing. For example, today the entirety of his new, unreleased album God’s Favorite Customer was accidentally made available via Apple music to stream in full. With more than a few months to go before the official 6/01 release of the album, you might imagine this would leave the certified emotional mess of a musician devastated. However, perhaps taking a cue from Beyonce, Father John turned his own lemons into some delicious Lemonade of his own.

As a response to the leak, Tillman posted a meme on his Facebook which used the album art for the upcoming release.It’s a picture of him looking distressed and holding his head in his hands with Impact text laid over top which reads “When your album leaks a month early.” Pure hilarity. An instant classic, and so internet friendly. If you want to hear some new music from Father John but don’t wanna pirate it, he kindly officially released two tracks which you can check out over here.