Feminist Jay-Z Is In A Respectful State Of Mind

Earlier this week, a rumor was going around that Jay-Z had renounced the word bitch since Beyonce gave birth to their daughter Blue Ivy. It wasn’t hard to believe he might make a bold statement like that, considering Jay-Z doesn’t do anything half-a$s and he’d already released, “Glory,” a non-album single dropped just two days after Blue’s birth, incorporating audio of her first heartbeat and her crying.

Jay-Z now denies he swore off using the word bitch. He told the The New York Daily News, “That poem and story are fake.” Before he issued the denial, comedian Vickie Toro made several image macros rewriting Jay-Z lyrics to reflect a greater respect for women. Some of the best ones she made are below, and you can see the rest at Comediva.

Feminist Jay-Z has gotta have it, and by “it” he means “a better world for his daughter to live up to her full potential without threat of bodily harm.” Hey girl, he’ll be your East Coast Ryan Gosling. I don’t even care if Jay-Z never called off saying the word bitch, I still want there to be a meme where rappers espouse feminist theory. We can do this, internet.

View the rest at Comediva.