Fergie Releases Not One, But Two New Music Videos Just In Time For ‘Double Dutchess’

After a run-up to the release of her latest album Double Dutchess that saw her release some surprisingly smart party raps on tracks like “Like It Ain’t Nuttin’” and “You Already Know,” Fergie has released not one, but two new music videos, getting back to straight up singing on the heartbreak anthem “Just Like You” and the breakup ballad “Save It Till Morning.”

The video for “Save It” is directed by Alex Keshishian and features actor Jay Hernandez, depicting the age-old story of a romance between a producer and his artist that turns sour as they climb the charts. Produced by Jeremy Sullivan and Kathy Angstadt, the song is a guitar driven, country-influenced ballad that finds Fergie belting out pleas to postpone the fight she knows is brewing in hopes that it’ll all blow over by sunrise.

Meanwhile, “Just Like You” is styled like a Cold War spy thriller, shot in black-and-white with a patent leather-clad Fergie stalking the streets of old London town, before being confronted by a mysterious stranger (played by Mark Vanderloo) whose faces off with Fergie in a smoke-filled standoff over the course of the video. Directed by Bruno Ilogti, the “Just Like You” video is more stark and stripped-down than any other Double Dutchess video so far, providing a striking contrast with the similarly spare R&B-style track.

Double Dutchess is available now through Fergie’s official website.