Fleet Foxes Made The ‘Third Of May’ Huge And Bright For Their ‘Late Show’ Performance

Contributing Writer

A light show isn’t the sort of thing that you’d expect from Fleet Foxes, given the pastoral and easy-sounding albums that made them famous. But their latest album Crack-Up is something grander and more ambitious. The sound got larger and more confrontational, and it looks like their stage show came along for the ride.

During a performance of their single “Third Of May” on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert Robin Pecknold and friends still strummed and harmonized. But the flourishes in the song and the crashing of the drums were met with matching light cues coming from jagged rock structures that loomed behind the band. Give it a watch up top.

Whether or not the set pieces will follow them around on tour — or if they just wanted to take a moment in the national spotlight to remind everyone how much GUTS ruled — remains to be seen. But you shouldn’t let that stop you from diving headfirst into their latest release, which Pecknold described as “a balm” and “a reprieve” for listeners while our own Steven Hyden remarked on how surprisingly pretty it is.

It’s certainly worth several listeners and maybe picking up some tickets, Aggro Crag-inspired lighting rig or no.

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