Foo Fighters Will Return In 2018 With The Second Installment Of Their Music Festival, CalJam18

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Last month, Foo Fighters launched their very own festival in San Bernardino, CA that featured themselves, Queens Of The Stone Age, Japandroids, Cage The Elephant, Liam Gallagher, and many others. Though the venue, Glen Helen Regional Park and Amphitheater, is remote, gigantic, and prone to extreme heat, the event was a success for attendees and filled with noteworthy moments. Most importantly, Foos leader Dave Grohl managed a coherent lineup that spoke to his core audience, a move that’s proving successful as more artists take the reigns at festivals and craft events that speak to their own sensibilities.

Well, it turns out that the festival proved successful enough for the organizers, too, as CalJam17 will officially be followed next October by CalJam18. As would be expected, Foo Fighters will again be topping the bill, though the rest remains to be seen. The event is scheduled for October 5th and 6th at Glen Helen Regional Park and Amphitheater, with the first night again reserved for a campground party, while the main fest will happen on Saturday the 6th.

There is no word on ticket sales as of yet, but CalJam’s website is already taking email signups here to join the mailing list for all future updates.

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