A Foo Fighters Pop Up Shop Has Opened In New York City

Foo Fighters swag


Foo Fighters fans, and we know you’re out there, there’s a doin’s a transpirin’ in New York City this Saturday-Thursday. From the hours of 2pm until 10pm, there is a pop up store at 125 Rivington Street filled will all sorts of Foo Fighters related goodies. Do you need a ZIP code!? It’s 10002!

The event is going down in honor of the 20th anniversary of the Foo Fighters’ first album. You can get all sorts of cool Foo Fighters swag, a lot of it in the colors of the New York Mets. There’s t-shirts, buttons, bags, and so on. If things you can wear isn’t your bag, they will also have out of print vinyls. Obviously, this is a very limited situation, so you best get on it while you can. Dave Grohl broke his leg trying to entertain you. Can’t you at least go buy some branded socks? Hit that sh*t up on Google Maps!