Foo Fighters Announce They’re Already Back In The Studio While Performing At ACL

While Foo Fighters have been on their seemingly never-ending tour for the past few months, they’ve managed to break a fair amount of news. Just for your quick consideration: Dave Grohl broke his leg, got high and decided to design a throne for himself to sit on for the remainder of his tour, performed “Seven Nation Army” with his foot surgeon, made a fan weep openly while singing onstage, Rickroll’d the Westboro Baptist Church, dueled with his high school rival to David Bowie and Queen’s “Under Pressure,” and, honestly, so much more that it would border on ridiculous to list.

But now, we have some news of the group getting back to the reason why we know them best. While performing at Austin City Limits this weekend, Dave announced that Foo Fighters were officially back in the studio and recorded five songs while in Austin.

“You know what I did last night? I recorded a f*cking song in your beautiful city of Austin, Texas… And I’m just gonna say it now: We recorded five f*cking new songs in your beautiful city of Austin, Texas. And we’re gonna give it to you! But not tonight.”

In addition to the news, the band brought out ’00s indie rock staple (and Texas’ own) Ben Kweller to jam with them. He also was at the same studio when the Foos were recording.

“Just by chance, I bumped into an old friend that I hadn’t seen in about 16 years… right as I was recording a vocal. This motherf*cker walks in — I’m like, ‘Hey, man!’ — and he starts f*cking singing the most beautiful harmony to the thing I was singing. I was like, ‘Get your ass in the vocal booth right now.’ And then he said, ‘Hey, if you want, I’ll come up and sing a song with you tonight.’”

So yes, all the stuff that Dave has been doing this past summer has been amazing, but it’s great to hear that they will finally have some new music sooner or later. Also, Ben and Dave sound pretty great on “Big Me” together, which could mean great things for their recording session. Here’s hoping!

(Via Consequence of Sound)