How Foxing Aimed To Make A Masterpiece With Their Stunning New Album, ‘Nearer My God’

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Hayden Molinarolo

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“It went Pablo Honey, The Bends, and then OK Computer — is that right?” Conor Murphy inquires. The singer for St. Louis-based indie-rock band Foxing is reaching for an analogy that makes him “feel like a real bag of shit,” because of the potential delusions of grandeur, but nevertheless applies to the group’s stunning new album, Nearer My God.

In Murphy’s estimation, Foxing‘s tentative 2013 debut The Albatross is the band’s Pablo Honey, and 2015’s questing and introspective Dealer is their equivalent to The Bends. Which makes Nearer My God their OK Computer — the breathtaking breakthrough, a gamechanger not just for the band but all of rock music.


“This is no OK Computer,” Murphy stammers, instinctively tamping down the appearance of grandiosity. “That thing is, what, like one of the top five greatest records of all-time? But for us that’s what [Nearer My God] feels like. We’re realizing what this band actually could sound like, where we can jump off and maybe make something like a Kid A, or maybe a Hail to the Thief.”

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