Frances Bean Cobain And Her Fiancé Look A Lot Like Courtney And Kurt

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04.16.14 7 Comments

Courtney Love, who recently earned a bit of much-needed goodwill by hugging Dave Grohl and reuniting with the original lineup of Hole, has squandered it all away, thanks to comments she made about Bruce Springsteen. There are perfectly good reasons to hate BRUCCCCCCCEEEEEEEEEE, but this isn’t one of them: “Saxophones don’t belong in rock ‘n’ roll. They just don’t belong. I mean, they just don’t belong in rock ‘n’ roll.” But do they belong in rock ‘n’ roll, Courtney? Sergio thinks so.


Anyway, to keep things in the Love/Cobain family, Courtney and Kurt’s daughter, Francis Bean, went to Coachella with her longtime fiancé Isaiah Silva this weekend, and it’s eerie to see how much they look like, well, Courtney and Kurt. Twitter was quick to point out the similarities:


They somehow look more 1992 than people in 1992 did.

Via @alka_seltzer666

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