Frank Ocean Got Jay Z To Appear On His Surprise Beats 1 Radio Show

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Frank Ocean — king of the surprise drop — isn’t content to shake us up with two whole albums we weren’t expecting. The Blonde singer has returned with a new unannounced radio show on Beats 1 called Blonded Radio. If that’s not shocking enough, he even got Jay Z to appear on the first episode to talk about the worldwide dominance of hip-hop.

Yes, that Jay Z. The one who owns one of Apple Music’s biggest competitors in Tidal. He decided to show up on a radio show on Beats 1. Such is Frank Ocean’s power.

Jigga said that the rise in streaming technology and the DIY distribution that it fosters have helped boost the genre.

“I think with all the technology these days, it’s a more efficient way to get music out,” he said.

Jay added that this has allowed rap to become the lingua franca of popular music

“Back in the day, it used to be specific hip-hop clubs, now every club is a hip-hop club,” he said.

Could this signal a smoothing out of the relationship between Jay and Apple? Maybe even a deal in the near future? Nobody knows, but for the time being you can listen to the Tidal head and the Apple Music-affiliated R&B star chat it up here.