Frank Ocean Finally Showed Up To A Festival Performance And Fans Are Thrilled With The Footage

Fran Ocean is no stranger to making fans wait and testing their patience in order to enjoy his music. The release of his second album, Blond, was a drawn out affair that ended up being worth it and came complete with its own magazine and related visual album, à la Beyonce’s Lemonade. He’s definitely an artist that is full of surprises and not willing to bend at the expense of his art.

The more recent developments for Ocean revolved around his string of canceled festival performances. The Odd Future member hasn’t performed publicly since 2014 and has canceled three scheduled appearances at festivals “due to production delays beyond his control.” This has been a disappointing string of news for fans of Ocean, but it all came to an end on Friday night at the NorthSide Music Festival in Denmark.

Given his long absence from the stage, many of the songs Ocean performed on Friday were live for the first time. This includes songs from Blond and Endless, plus singles like “Lens” and “Chanel” that premiered via his Beats 1 radio program.

Ocean’s appearance at the festival bodes well for his future appearances, particularly the FYF Festival in Los Angeles and the Panorama Festival in New York. Check out the set list below:

Pretty Sweet (Live debut)
Solo (Live debut)
Chanel (Live debut)
Lens (Live debut)
Biking (Solo) (Live debut)
In Here Somewhere (Live debut)
Comme Des Garcons (Live debut)
Good Guy (Live debut)
Self Control (Live debut, new intro)
Wither (Live debut)
Close to You/Never Can Say Goodbye (Cover of Stevie Wonder’s cover of Jackson 5) (Live debut)
Higgs (Live debut)
Thinkin’ Bout You
Nights (Live debut)
Pink + White (Live debut)
Futura Free (Live debut)
Nikes (Live debut)