Even Snapchat Got In On Making Fun Of Frank Ocean’s Album Delay

Frank Ocean
Getty Image

Frank Ocean‘s long-awaited album Boys Don’t Cry may finally drop some time today on Apple Music, but Snapchat has released two new hilarious filters to help fans in the meantime. According to Billboard, the social media platform released two snarky filters lampooning the internet’s agonizing wait for Frank’s new record.

One of the filters hilariously relates to many fans’ emotions, featuring a skeleton with a caption that reads “Waiting on the new Frank Ocean album like…” The other is reminiscent of Frank’s Tumblr, where he typically posts random notes and letters to his fans in a similar font.

Fans have been anticipating Frank’s sophomore studio album ever since Channel Orange was released in 2012 to critical acclaim. In 2013, the album was nominated for six GRAMMY’s and won the award for Best Urban Contemporary album. Rumors have been circulating for years on when the new album would finally come out and it looks like it may actually happen for real this time.

There’s no word on what time Boys Don’t Cry will hit Apple Music yet, but on Monday The New York Times reported the album would be exclusively on the music streaming service for two weeks before its mass release everywhere. There will also reportedly be a physical magazine related to the new album in Apple Stores.

(Via Billboard/The New York Times)