Freddie Gibbs Tells DJ Akademiks To Stop ‘Taking Purses From Girls’ In His LA Leakers Freestyle

Freddie Gibbs couldn’t help but continue to troll DJ Akademiks during a recent freestyle.

The Indiana rapper stopped by Power 106 to chat with L.A. Leakers about his latest album, Soul Sold Separately. During the broadcast, the “Built for This” rapper delivered a killer freestyle over Jay-Z’s “This Can’t Be Life” beat. The classic track debuted in 2000 and featured Beanie Sigel and Scarface with production by Kanye.

At the top of his freestyle, Gibbs yelled, “I’m the prize!” regarding the viral video in which DJ Akademiks was seen breaking up a fight between his girlfriend and another unknown woman. In the footage, the media personality is seen shouting at his partner before screaming, “I’m the prize!”

Gibbs then took it a step further by calling Akademiks “abusive” and urging him to “stop taking purses from girls.”

“You abusive, stop taking them purses and all that sh*t from them girls,” Gibbs says. “It’s L.A. Leakers. Come to the west coast, man, we’ll buy a purse. If you want a purse, I got you. ”

In other news, earlier this month, the rapper released a video for the Jacob Blake-produced track “Dark Hearted.” In the animated video, Gibbs transports fans into his world, complete with rabbits, grenades, and UFOs.

Check out the freestyle above.