No One Can Be The Next Freddie Mercury, But These Artists Would Do Him Proud

09.09.15 3 years ago 12 Comments

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Freddie Mercury would have turned 69 this Sept. 5, and as of right now, his 1991 death left a void where the greatest singers of all time are concerned. Because Freddie had so much behind his talent, it’s nearly impossible to think that there is anyone out there who could do what he did. Hell, it’s painful for me to even consider someone trying to take his place. But there are some performers today who could probably do a Queen song serious justice, not just because they have a great voice. That was a big part of Mercury’s charm, of course, but there were other key elements to what made him so special: his ability to think outside the box, and let his freak flag fly.

To cover Freddie, one needs a serious sense of showmanship. Freddie didn’t put on a show for himself, after all. What he did was a gift to us. Who can give us a similar gift?

Adam Lambert

We’ll start with the most obvious, the man who’s actually been touring with Queen. Still, title of the revised touring group, Queen + Adam Lambert, suggests that while Lambert has proven himself prepared and able to tackle Freddie’s vocals and stage presence with aplomb, he will still never be Freddie. And Lambert is clearly fine with that. Mercury would appreciate someone who wants the same thing for a royal audience – a great show featuring good songs sung with power and confidence. Lambert was an amazing choice as a guest frontman, and he’ll continue to perform as his own man, as Freddie always did.

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