‘Full Frontal’ Gives Some Much Needed Scorn To Trump’s Inauguration Eve Concert

Much has been made about Trump’s inauguration on Friday and coverage has generally focused on the moments that surrounded when Trump took the oath to become president. The night before hasn’t gotten much play in late night. It could be because of the timing at the end of the week, but it still seems like some great material has fallen into a hole.

That’s where Samantha Bee’s weekly format has an advantage. More time can be devoted to looking into the events and focusing on an aspect that will allow Full Frontal to stand out. She could’ve easily devoted an entire show to Trump’s inauguration, but she couldn’t resist the siren song from 3 Doors Down and Toby Keith on Thursday night. There was a lot of coverage about the lineup before they hit the stage and one fantastic meme from the night it happened, but there was so much more to enjoy.

DJ RaviDrums looked as silly as expected, possibly topping his appearance with Nintendo at E3, and he was joined in ridiculousness by The Piano Guys. They’re merely the appetizer for Bee in this segment. She goes on to call Lee Greenwood a “poorly disguised Vladimir Putin” and then talks about how Rebecca Ferguson offered to play if she could sing “Strange Fruit” by Billie Holiday. That didn’t happen, but Toby Keith did sing about lynching.

I’m still upset the Trump folks couldn’t clean up their relationship with the USA Freedom Kids for the inauguration.

(Via Full Frontal)