Future Islands Capture The Unbridled Passion Of Their Concerts In Their ‘Beauty Of The Road’ Video

Ever since wowing David Letterman on The Late Show and going viral in 2014, Future Islands frontman Samuel T. Herring has built himself the reputation of being one of the most energetic and charismatic singers in the world today, and perhaps of all time. For most bands, using live footage in one of your music videos is a pretty standard move, but Future Islands used that tactic in their new clip for The Far Field track “Beauty Of The Road,” and their passion makes the video, even if a lot of the clip is in slow motion.

I can’t think of a frontman who is as outwardly enthusiastic about performing as Herring, and he’s truly magnetic as he dances around the stage, pounds his chest, and drip sweat while his bandmates, in contrast, pretty much stay in one spot due to the nature of playing an instrument. Herring’s energy is contagious, and he never turns it off: I saw him perform with his side project The Snails, who play songs about snails and dress as snails, last year in Portland, Maine, and even then, with the stakes that low, Herring gave his performance everything, even while wearing a baby-onesie-turned-snail-eyes.

Watch the “Beauty Of The Road” video above, and check out the band’s upcoming tour dates below.

12/14/2017 — Wellington, New Zealand @ San Fran
12/15/2017 — Auckland, New Zealand @ Sold Out
12/16/2017 — Auckland, New Zealand @ Powerstation
12/19/2017 — Shibuya, Japan @ WWW X
6/2/2018 — London, United Kingdom @ Victoria Park
6/4/2018 — Wiesbaden, Germany @ Schlachthof
6/8/2018 — Hilvarenbeek, Netherlands @ Best Kept Secret
6/9/2018 — Berlin, Germany @ UFO im Velodrom
6/11/2018 — Aberdeen, United Kingdom @ Aberdeen Beach Ballroom
6/12/2018 — Inverness, United Kingdom @ The Iron Works
6/14/2018 — Edinburgh, United Kingdom @ Usher Hall
6/15/2018 — Greenock, United Kingdom @ Greenock Town Hall
6/17/2018 — Dublin, Ireland @ Donnybrook Stadium
7/12/2018 — Lisbon, Portugal @ NOS Alive
7/13/2018 — Lisbon, Portugal @ NOS Alive
7/14/2018 — Lisbon, Portugal @ NOS Alive
7/14/2018 — Madrid, Spain @ MadCool Festival