Future & Metro Boomin Show Off Their Cybertruck In The ‘Young Metro’ Video With The Weeknd

Rappers, broadly speaking, are known for being about as reckless with their money as they are gifted with wordplay. If you’re gettting “millions” for your records, why wouldn’t you spend it on throwaways, just to prove you have it?

Viewed from that perspective, it makes sense that the primary feature of Future and Metro Boomin‘s “Young Metro” video is a Tesla Cybertruck. There’s almost no other purchase that screams “ostentatious wealth” and “no f*cks given about utility” like copping a vehicle that rusts if you leave it out on a misty night.

The Weeknd also makes a cameo appearance with a bandana over his face like an old-timey cattle rustler. Naturally, there are also the requesite shots of beautiful, scantily-clad young women, one of whom braids Metro’s hair. Another playfully “lifts” the truck over her head as the others tastefully drape themselves across its blocky frame — these guys certainly have a sense of humor.

“Young Metro” appears, of course, on Future and Metro’s new album, We Don’t Trust You, which has been receiving plenty of attention over the weekend — both for the novelty of the two artists reuniting for a full project and for some of the more incendiary features. It’s out now via Epic and Republic and you can check it out here.