G-Eazy And Blueface Rep The ‘West Coast’ With YG And Allblack In The Video For Their Post-Hyphy Posse Cut

Fans of the current wave of barely-on-beat rappers got a treat last night, courtesy of G-Eazy, Blueface, YG, and Oakland’s Allblack, and their black-and-white video for the post-hyphy posse cut, “West Coast.” Directed by Daniel CZ, the video is a visual ode to all things… well, California, really, with images dedicated to lowriders, palm trees, and the strong connection between the Bay and LA.

Each rapper takes a verse on the rollicking Julia Lewis beat with flexes about wealth, gang ties, and business deals both legitimate and illicit. While G-Eazy brags about his endorsements, Blueface chuckles to himself about his sudden rise to fame, referencing his “greatest hits” and bopping along beside Eazy’s Ferrari as they cruise up Fairfax. Allblack touts his athletic prowess, comparing himself to NBA legend Spud Webb, then YG bats cleanup, explaining his and Blueface’s connection to confused listeners who may see their opposing affiliations and wonder how they get along so well.

Throughout, there is plenty of the motor-mouthed, devil may care flow that’s been driving skeptics of the style crazy, especially on Allblack’s verse. The Oakland rapper seemingly stuffs more words into each bar than he should be able to, harkening back to the eloquent raps of Bay Area godfather, E-40, who even makes an appearance in a crowd shot in the video.

The only thing missing is — the rest of the West Coast. It’s still pretty amusing that after 30-some-odd years of LA and Bay Area rap being the focus of the moniker, that no one has ever thought to consider any rappers from north of Chico as part of the movement. Also, San Diego’s probably feeling a little left out too. Maybe they’re saving the maxed-out posse cut with rappers from Portland and Seattle for the remix.