Haim Covered Selena Gomez’s ‘Bad Liar’ Using Homemade Instruments

Haim have been hitting the promotional circuit pretty hard over the past few weeks to give some shine to their new album Something To Tell. Their latest stop found the sisters inside of the studios at the BBC appearing on Radio 1’s “Live Lounge” where they busted out a live rendition of their lead single “Want You Back” as well as a surprising cover of Selena Gomez’s mega-hit “Bad Liar.” For their take on the song, Haim even went the extra mile, with lead singer Danielle providing some interesting percussion via a homemade set up that included two glass, a mug, a pair of coffee canisters and a box of tea.

Haim aren’t the only superstar musician fans that Gomez had acquired over the last few years. Late last year, Kings of Leon also entered the BBC’s “Live Lounge” where they also decided to offer up a take on one of the pop singer’s biggest hits, the song “Hands to Myself.” Apparently once you cross the pond, the urge to play Selena Gomez’s music is strong!

You can watch a piece of Haim’s take on “Bad Liar” in the video above or listen to the whole thing over at the BBC website here. The song starts at around the 2:19:00 mark.